Architectural Review
and Due Diligence

We can review your architecture and evaluate it with regard to modern service-oriented architectural principles, and help you through the financing due-diligence process.

EHR System Selection  

We have experience in the selection of enterprise-class electronic health records systems, and smaller scale practice management and scheduling systems.

Implementation Support  

We provide support for the implementation phase, helping to make the transition to a new system as uneventful as possible.

Open Source Development  

We specialize in the development of distributed systems and systems that rely on controlled terminology for data representation.

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Distributed Terminology Development  

The Convergent Medical Terminology (CMT) project formed the foundation for SNOMED-RT development. The success of this project was based on infrastructural support for a distributed modeling environment.

Distributed Workflow Automation  

Distributed workflow automation can improve the efficiency of distributed environments by providing a means to automate tasks that may span departmental and organizational boundaries.

Store and Forward Telemedicine  

Distributed workflow automation can uniquely support requirements of store and forward telemedicine applications. Provides reliable operations over unreliable networks.
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Company Info  

Informatics, Inc. is a privately held consulting firm that specializes in Healthcare Informatics and Software Development.

Management Team  

Our management team has experience leading the technology strategies for early stage venture backed companies, for publicly traded companies, and for the largest nonprofit healthplan in the United States.

Community Support  

We assist local organizations to ensure that we play a positive role in the community in which we live and operate.